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Here’s Why People are Calling This 24 Year Old Man the Black Benjamin Button

Have you seen the hilarious video that’s been blowing up on TikTok lately? It’s from a user named @spiritualrapperknny, and apparently he’s a 24 year old man who looks like he’s in his 60s or 70s, according to his own personal assessment. He made a video reacting to another TikToker who was bragging about how young she looks at 42, and how she’s aging gracefully.

Well, let me tell you, this guy was not having it. Now he’s being dubbed the black Benjamin Button by all his new fans on social media.

He started off by playing a video, where a woman was showing off her wrinkle free skin, shiny hair, and healthy smile. Then he cut to his own face. He said “Bruh, I’m only 24”, and then proceeded to roast himself for the next few minutes.

He made jokes about how he looks older than his grandad. He also claimed that even in good lighting, he still looks old.

The video has gone viral with many people sympathizing with him, saying they also look older than their age, or that they know someone who does. Some people were also complimenting him.

At the same time you have many people making memes out of his video, using the phrase “Bruh, I’m only 24” to caption photos of celebrities, animals, or objects that look old or worn out.

Could Spiritual Trapper Kenny Really Be the Black Benjamin Button?

It seems that the 24 year old man is a perfectly healthy person who just happens to look much older than his actual age. He doesn’t have any known medical condition or genetic disorder that causes premature aging.

Is it possible he has some kind of superhero gene that’s making him age in reverse? Some people have compared his situation to Benjamin Button, the fictional character who ages backwards. They say that maybe he was born old, and will get younger as he grows older.

Some social media philosophers say a true show of confidence in yourself is when you’re able to laugh at your own expense. They argue that you can’t truly enjoy laughing at someone without knowing how it feels to get laughed at. To be able to make a video clowning yourself with jokes in such harsh manner is the ultimate show of self confidence in some ways.

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