What Health Issues Will The Triphallia Baby Born With Three Penises in Iraq Face?

Iraq is part of human history in quite possibly the strangest way. Today a baby was born with three private parts, which is the first recorded case of Triphallia in human history. This is so rare that word isn’t even in most dictionaries yet. The otherwise healthy baby was born in Duhok region of Iraq.

The one of one condition was first noticed by his parents after they had already taken him home from the hospital. When changing his diaper they noticed he had two extra phallic shaped objects coming from his scrotum area. Upon examination by a doctor they discovered they were two extra private parts.

What Health Issues Will The Triphallia Baby Born With Three Private Parts in Iraq Face?

Since this is the first case of Triphallia ever reported, the health complications the baby could face growing up are only speculation. Here is a list of possibilities:

  • Theoretically it could triple the chances of catching testicular cancer.
  • Theoretically it could triple the chances of getting a woman pregnant unexpectedly when he’s grows up.
  • Theoretically it could triple the chance of getting “jock itch”, especially if he becomes an athlete.
  • Theoretically it could triple the chances of feeling pain from underwear or boxer briefs that are too tight.
  • Theoretically the chances of groin injuries are also tripled in general.
  • An also rare, but much more common condition called “Diphallia”, which has only been ever recorded 1,000 times in human history is known to cause urinary and digestive tract issues. It’s not known if someone with Triphallia would experience those same issues, but in theory it would seem even more likely.

Luckily for this special baby he won’t have to worry about anything of those things happening, because doctors have already removed the two extra private parts he had. Now the only memories he will have are the stories people will tell him later on in life letting him know he is part of human history.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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