It’s not often you hear of man being a gold digger, but a recent dating story conveys how these situations can happen. A drug addict man with no job abused his girlfriend that spent $3,000 per month taking care of him.

In the video the woman explains that while she was working 3 jobs her boyfriend would smoke weed and play basketball with his friends all day long. She was buying him clothes, shoes, video games, and much more. Even with all that when she would get home she claims he would still mentally and physically abuse her.

There’s on old saying that says “don’t fumble bag”, and this game fumbled it badly. This woman had him living the lavish life where he didn’t have to work. All he had to do was wake up, smoke weed, play basketball all day, and she was giving him money to cover all his expenses.

It’s crazy that someone would still mentally and physically abuse someone that was doing all that for them. It’s also sad that this woman would allow herself to be in that situation, sometimes you can’t control who you love though.

A woman spending $3,000 a month on a man with no job who smokes marijuana all day is not something you hear everyday. Maybe there is more to this story than meets the eye, perhaps he was also her plug.

Author: JordanThrilla

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