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R Kelly Snitch List Conspiracy: Is R Kelly on Suicide Watch a Murder Plot Because He Threatened to Snitch of Celebrity Pedophiles?

The problems for R Kelly continue to mount after his guilty conviction for racketeering and running a $ex trafficking ring in New York. According to new reports R Kelly has been placed on Suicide watch, but the reasons behind his prison status are still unclear. Some people think there is a hidden motive behind making it seem like R Kelly is suicidal.

Why Was R Kelly Place on Suicide Watch?

According to his lawyer Steve Greenberg, R Kelly was placed on suicide watch status without his consent or knowledge of the situation. Steve Greenberg adamantly claims that he has no prior knowledge of R Kelly attempting or threatening to harm himself. He seems confused as to why prison officials deemed R Kelly suicidal, which has led to conspiracy theories about a hidden motive.

Will R Kelly be Murdered in Prison over the R Kelly Snitch List Allegations?

When a rumor went viral that R Kelly was planning to snitch on celebrity pedophiles that include a singer and rapper, most people predicted that R Kelly suicide news would follow next. They likened his situation to how Jeffrey Epstein mysteriously died in prison right before he was planning to expose, and take down people with him. In theory prison officials could be saying R Kelly is suicidal, so when he’s murdered it will look like R Kelly committed suicide.

Is coincidence that only a few weeks after the R Kelly Snitch List allegations they are now alleging R Kelly is suicidal?

When is R Kelly’s Sentencing?

During his trial Federal Prosecutors were able to prove that R Kelly was the leader of a criminal organization with the sole purpose finding girls, women, and boys that would satisfy him. R Kelly is facing 10 years to life, with 9 counts of $ex trafficking and racketeering looming over him.

R Kelly sentencing is scheduled for May 4, 2022. He’s also facing charges from two separate trials in Cook County Illinois, and Minnesota.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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