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The Potential Science Behind Video Showing Two Suns in Utah Sky Battles Conspiracy Theories

All of our lives we have been taught that there is only one sun that the earth rotates around. The sun is one of the most important objects in the universe. It’s responsible for the Earth’s climate, and it provides us with all our energy. Without the sun, we would all die. The sun is constantly changing – it’s going through a cycle of birth and death known as the “sun’s cycle”. In a sense, the sun is always helping to make life on Earth possible. What would you think if you saw two of them in the sky at once?

The Science Behind Video Showing Two Suns in Utah Sky Sparks Conspiracy Theories

Recently footage went viral that appeared to show a sun setting and rising at the same time in the Utah Skyline. While it may seem like something out of an Alien invasion movie, there could be a plausible scientific explanation behind the rare occurrence. In nature there a atmosphere phenomenon called “Sundogs”, and no it doesn’t have anything to do with puppies.

When ice crystals formed by the dense pressure and cold air in the Earth’s atmosphere refract sunlight it can cause the illusion of two suns. While it’s not certain if that’s what is taking place in the footage below, it’s the only explanation that makes sense. Of course there is a chance that it was really something other worldly that was being recorded as well. It’s really all up to whether you’re an imaginative thinker, or someone who only follows science.

What Would the Earth Be Like with Two Suns?

If the Earth had two suns, the day would be much longer than it is now. The Earth’s orbit around the sun is elliptical, meaning that it’s not a perfect circle. This means that the Earth is closer to the sun at some points, and farther away at other points. If the Earth had two suns, it would be closer to the second sun at those points.

This would mean that the Earth would experience more daylight than it does now. The second sun would also cause the Earth to rotate on its axis more than it does now, which would cause the seasons to change faster. In addition, the concentration of sunlight on the Earth’s surface would be different, leading to different plants and animals.

Essentially if the Earth had two suns, it would be a fascinating place to live – but it wouldn’t be identical to our current planet.