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Did NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Release a Racist Covid Rap Song Video Urging Black People to get COVID-19 Vaccine?

Did NY Governor Andrew Cuomo release a racist rap song video urging Black People to get COVID-19 vaccines? People are not happy after seeing rap music video allegedly aimed at promoting the COVID-19 vaccine in urban communities.

The stereotypical hiphop video seems to imply that the easiest way to target black people is by using rap music. To many people watching this music video felt like indirect racism based on the stereotypical view Governor Cuomo has about black people. The video makes references to things like clubbing and partying, insinuating that is the core of black culture.

Is the COVID-19 vaccine rap song racist? Take a look at this strange video.

Press the unmute button at the bottom right of the video if you hear no sound.

Seeing videos like these get released seem to show how out of touch older political leaders are. It’s amazing whoever signed off on this couldn’t fathom how many black people would find this offensive. Just because someone identifies as black racially, doesn’t mean they need to hear rap music to listen to a message. This possibly shows Governor Cuomo and the people who made this COVID-19 rap video think all black people listen to rap music.

This was clearly a bad idea, and it’s crazy the people who agreed to have this released to public couldn’t see that.

Author: JordanThrilla