Afghan Woman Stuck in Afghanistan Speaks Out Blames US, Accuses US Soldiers of Raping Afghan Women, and Calls Out Joe Biden Calling it a 'Civil War'. Afghan woman burqasandbeer

An Aghan woman stuck in Afghanistan spoke out on Instagram, and she had a lot to say to people sending her well wishes after Taliban took over her country as the United States stands by watching. The Afghan woman blamed United States for creating the current environment in Afghanistan over the past 20 years, and also called out people sending fake love. She goes by “burqasandbeer” on the social media platform.

In her lengthy post the Afghan woman called out Joe Biden calling it civil war, because she believes Afghans murdering each other with the direction of United State government’s money. She also accused US Soldiers of raping Afghan women. She believes the current situation is the result of the United States “dividing and conquering”.

The Afghan woman is appalled that it took so long for people to send her well wishes only after Taliban took over the country. She feels people have been ignoring all the death, drug addiction, and babies born with deformities that has been the result of the US presence in Afghanistan over the years. This quote from her rant was the part that hurt most to read,

“Today you flood my DMs and say you care, is this what it took? 241,000 deaths? That’s the official number, but it’s hard to count bodies when they’re piles of flesh. Drug addiction up 300%? Babies born with deformities because of radiation from your bombs? Our diaspora communities ravaged with trauma? My mother & father are living ghosts you’ve created, they don’t haunt you but I bear witness to their pain everyday. Or did you care when your veterans were dying on your streets from homelessness and drug addiction? No, you didn’t even care when it was your own blown to shreds on faraway soil.”

Take a look at her full story.

The last sentence she wrote, “Look what you’ve done, I hope it haunts you” speaks volumes. This isn’t the first time the United States has been accused of causing destruction in the middle east then leaving the country to clean up the mess on their own. Her sentiment is part of the reason many Joe Biden supporters have turned on Joe Biden after this Afghanistan blunder.

Prayers up for the people of Afghanistan.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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