Black Family with 6 Generations Still Alive. Picture showing black family that holds record for the most generations still living.

A viral video that has been viewed over 100 million times on various social media platforms shows a remarkable family reunion of six generations of black women. The video features a daughter, her mother, her grandmother, her great grandmother, her great-great grandmother, and her great-great-great grandmother. According to reports the black family currently holds the record for having the most generations still living.

The video begins with daughter saying “Hi mom”, before her mother walks in to view. The pattern continues until it reaches the oldest member of the family who says “Hi six generations”. The video shows the joy and pride of each woman as they smile at the camera, all looking healthy. The video also captures the remarkable resemblance among them, as they share similar beautiful features such as their eyes, nose, and smile.

The footage has received an overwhelming response from viewers who have praised the family for their longevity, beauty, and strength. Many have commented on how rare it is to see six generations of women alive at the same time, and how inspiring it is to witness their bond. Some have also shared their own stories of having multiple generations in their families, or wishing they could meet their ancestors.

The viral video celebrating six generations of black women is a testament to the power and resilience of black womanhood and families. It shows how history can be passed down through stories, memories, and great genes. It also shows how love can transcend time and space.

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