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Did KSI Commit Suicide? Details Behind Rumor KSI is Dead in 2022

It has been about three years since the last time a rumor went viral that KSI died. Now in 2022 his alleged death is trending again, but this time it was all due to a seemingly unplanned mistake on his part. The legendary YouTuber who is now business partners with Logan Paul is a master at keeping his name trending. However, rumors of his death have his fans shocked and searching for answers.

Did KSI Commit Suicide? Details Behind Rumor KSI is Dead in 2022

Recently it became known that KSI invested in Luna cryptocurrency right before its market cap crashed. As the value plummeted he lost around 157,000 Luna, which allegedly amounted to $2.8 million. Now Luna is known as a highly volatile cryptocurrency due to de-pegging of the UST. In addition its blockchain has been paused. Naturally KSI wasn’t feeling good about losing so much money, so he let fans know what he was thinking.

During one of his reactions KSI said ‘finally at peace’, which made people think something bad happened. His frightening words had some people convinced the KSI committed suicide, because he lost his crypto investment. Just like that the rumor that KSI is dead went viral. Fans everywhere were left reeling, but like last time there was a plot twist surrounding the rumor.

The rumor KSI is dead is not true, and all just based on people misconstruing his words. Fortunately it was confirmed that he still alive and well. It seems almost certain that he’ll make a video about his alleged death trending again, because it almost seems like Deja Vu.

This video of KSI explaining cryptocurrency during an interview was brought up a lot on social media after his crypto investment blunder went viral.

With over 28 million YouTube subscribers and over 11 million Instagram followers KSI is one of the most famous YouTubers ever. The amount of commotion rumors about his passing cause shows how well known he is around the world.