Home Hip Hop Rapper Finesse2Tymes ‘Duh Klan’ Chain Jewelry Dissing KKK Members Goes Viral

Rapper Finesse2Tymes ‘Duh Klan’ Chain Jewelry Dissing KKK Members Goes Viral

Rapper Finesse2Tymes has sparked a lot of attention and debate on social media with his new chain, which features three KKK members being lynched by hanging from ropes. The chain, which he calls ‘Duh Klan’, is meant to symbolize how the KKK members were lynching black people in the deep south during the era of slavery and segregation.

Finesse2Tymes, who is from Memphis, Tennessee, explained the meaning behind his chain in an IG Live video. He said, “They hung us, so I’m hanging them. I’m doing this for what they did to my people”. He went on to explain if he goes into a meeting, and they ask what the meaning of the chain is he would say, “I give what I get, and get what I give”.

The rapper’s chain has received mixed reactions from fans and critics alike. Some praised him for making a bold statement against racism and oppression, while others criticized him for glorifying violence and hatred, by matching with more depictions of violence, which goes against the teachings of the late Martin Luther King Jr.

Many people agree that Finesse2Tymes might have the most historic piece of jewelry ever, considering the historical context behind it. He has gained a lot of respect from many people for standing up to the KKK and their legacy of terror. They feel he is being brave by disrespecting a racist hate group that is actually still existence, but more hidden these days.

Rapper Finesse2Tymes 'Duh Klan' Chain Jewelry showing KKK Members being hanged
Finesse2Tymes’ Duh Klan Chain Features Three KKK Members Getting Lynched

Finesse2Tymes is not the first rapper to use controversial imagery in his jewelry. In 2017, Lil Uzi Vert wore a $220,000 Marilyn Manson chain that featured the rocker’s face with a cross on his forehead. In 2018, Tekashi 6ix9ine wore a $300,000 My Little Pony chain that had real human hair and rainbow-colored diamonds.

However, Finesse2Tymes’ ‘Duh Klan’ chain seems to have taken the controversy to a new level, as it touches on a sensitive and painful topic in American history. Whether it is a form of artistic expression or a provocation, the chain has certainly generated a lot of buzz and discussion among the rap community and beyond.

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