Man Has Emotional Breakdown After His 10 Years Friend Wishes Lil Baby Happy Birthday But Not Him. Man Gets Upset After His 10 Years Homie Wishes Lil Baby Happy Birthday But Not Him

When you’ve been friends with someone for 10 years you would expect them to think your special days were more important than a superstar they don’t know personally. However, in this day and age people are built different, and celebrities become more important than the people close to them. This was core of how Lil Baby destroyed a friendship between one of his fans, and his friend of 10 years.

Man Gets Upset After His 10 Years Friend Wishes Lil Baby Happy Birthday But Not Him

In a viral post on Instagram a man went off his 10 years friend sending Lil Baby birthday wishes, but not doing the same for him. Despite knowing this person for 10 years they forgot his birthday, but was quick to go on social media to wish Lil Baby happy birthday despite not even personally knowing him.

In the emotional message about his 10 year homie, the heartbroken man said,

“I saw my partner tell Lil Baby Happy Birthday 3 or 4 times, post him in his stories, told that boy he proud of him, keep going up, and play his music all day. This n**** been my dawg for 10 years ain’t posted me at all. That s*** f*** me up, but it’s cool. When the opps get on yo a** don’t call me. Call Lil Baby”.

That was strange and tough to read at the same time. You can feel that man’s pain, but at the same time it’s a bit strange he cares that much about another man not posting about him on social media.

On the flipside it shows how some people care more about posting things about celebrities they don’t know personally know for clout, rather than posting about their own close friends.

The reality of the situation is probably the man’s 10 year homie knows that posting about Lil Baby’s birthday will bring him more attention and ‘likes’ than posting about a friend that’s not famous. The only man Lil Baby probably cares about wishing him Happy Birthday is James Harden.

Lil Baby is out here ruining his fan’s 10 year friendships by just having a birthday. That’s crazy.

Authors: JordanThrilla Staff

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