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Lil Boosie Slaps Old Man at Gas Station Then Instagram Deletes His Account

Lil Boosie is back in the news for doing something super crazy. A viral video shows Lil Boosie slapping an Old Man at a gas station for talking trash to him. After Lil Boosie hit the man, he collapsed slowly to ground as he stood over him in menacing manner.

It was then reported that Instagram deleted Lil Boosie’s account after catching wind of the heinous act. It was only a few months ago that Lil Boosie said the Instagram was his lifeline for cash, so him losing his account is a big deal.

Why Did Lil Boosie Slap the Old The Man?

In the footage the old man says to Lil Boosie, “You and these punk a** rappers. You can’t rap. How you going to tell me you a rapper…”. Before he could finish that statement Lil Boosie hit the man in the face sending him to the floor in pain. It seems like the guy was drunk.

If the old man Lil Boosie slapped at the gas station knows anything about the law, he might be able to sue him and win a good amount of money. Lil Boosie needs to learn how to keep his cool instead of slapping random people.

What if that man had a gun on him?

Update: It’s being reported that Lil Boosie paid this person $554 dollars to let him slap him for a music video. However, his Instagram account still remains banned for posting the video on it. He likely won’t get his account back, because he violated Instagram policy by creating a new account after his first account with 6 Million followers was previously banned.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff