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Is the ‘Draco Season with the Bookbag’ TikTok Trend a Shooting Death Threat?

‘Draco Season with the bookbag’ is a lyric you’ve probably heard a bunch of times if you’ve been watching TikTok videos recently. The short snippet created by TikTok user SimplySaturnn is taken from Future’s 2017 song ‘Draco’, but why is it trending on TikTok? The answer is probably simpler than you think.

Is the ‘Draco Season with the Bookbag’ TikTok Trend a Shooting Death Threat?

A Draco is a gun that packs an enormous punch in a small body, and theoretically is sometimes small enough to fit inside a bookbag. Some Draco style semiautomatic rifles can have a 30 round magazine. For the most part what’s making ‘Draco Season with the Bookbag’ trend on TikTok is people using the song snippet in their videos.

However, people on TikTok also posted screenshots of text messages they received from people they don’t even know that also said “Draco Season with the Bookbag” with a coffin or briefcase emoji added, which can see an example of in the photo below. This led some people to believe that the ‘Draco Season with the Bookbag’ TikTok trend was about shooting people as in a subliminal death threat. However, that isn’t the real reason behind the trend.

Draco Season with the Bookbag TikTok Trend text message photo.
‘Draco Season with the Bookbag’ TikTok Trend Text Message

The Real Meaning of ‘Draco Season with the Bookbag’ Trend on TikTok

The ‘Draco Season with the Bookbag’ TikTok meaning doesn’t seem to have anything to do with shooting people or death threats. Rather it’s another example of how things just go viral for no reason, won of funniest things about social media. People see a famous person like Charli D’amelio do something, and then more people do same thing in hopes it will gain them some clout and followers. Once enough people copy what another person does it becomes another trend.

Below is the original ‘Draco’ Future song that gave birth to this new TikTok trend.


It’s easy to see the real winner of the ‘Draco Season with the Bookbag’ TikTok trend is Future. With millions of people using his 5 year old song on TikTok, it has gained a massive amount new views and streams on places like Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. That’s more money flowing into his pockets, and a new demographic being added to his fanbase. The legend of Future continues to grow.