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Did Drake Know Chris Paul Cheated on His Wife with Kim Kardashian? Old Photo Sparks Conspiracy Theory

Chris Paul is the number one trending topic in America after Kanye West revealed he allegedly caught him in bed with Kim Kardashian. As of right now the allegations are just a rumor, and there is no concrete evidence besides Kanye West’s words. However, an old photo from last year has resurfaced, which may indicate that Drake knew that Chris Paul was smashing Kim Kardashian.

Did Drake Know Kim Kardashian Cheated on Kanye West with Chris Paul? Old Photo Sparks Conspiracy Theory

Remember when Drake and Kanye West were beefing around the time that the CLB album dropped? They were both taking subliminal digs at each other, with Drake sometimes insinuating that Kim K was smashing other people behind Kanye’s back. One photo in particular that went over people’s heads back then was an image that showed Drake wearing a Chris Paul jersey along with the rest of his crew. At the time it didn’t seem to have anything to do with Kanye West, but after he alleged catching CP3 in bed with Kim Kardashian, the picture is going viral again. Could this be proof that Drake knew Chris Paul smashed Kim Kardashian at Kanye West’s house?

Drake and His Crew Wearing Chris Paul Jerseys in 2021

Was that just a coincidence, or was Drake trolling Kanye West knowing that he caught Chris Paul in bed with Kim Kardashian? Does that picture validate Ye’s claim?

All in all things are not looking good for CP3’s marriage right now, because even if the rumors or false it’s definitely going to cause some tensions in his household.

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