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How Carlee Russell’s Co-Workers Allegedly Got Her Fired from Spa Job and Why the Spa Shut Down Their Comment Section

Carlee Russell, a 25-year-old nursing student from Alabama, made headlines last week when she claimed she was kidnapped and held captive for two days after stopping to help a child on the side of the road. However, her story has been met with increasing skepticism and criticism, as police have revealed inconsistencies and contradictions in her account. As a result, Russell has lost her job at the Woodhouse Spa in Birmingham, where she worked as an aesthetician.

How Carlee Russell’s Co-Workers Allegedly Played a Part in Her Getting Fired

According to the New York Post, Russell was fired from the spa on Friday, after her co-workers became “pissed” about her alleged abduction. The owner of the spa, Stuart Rome, told the media outlet that his employees were initially devastated and concerned for Russell’s well-being, and even handed out flyers to help find her. However, as more details emerged about Russell’s disappearance, they felt they might have been duped by her.

Why Spa Shut Down Their Comments Section on Social Media Pages

Rome said his business has also suffered from negative social media posts and reviews from trolls who blamed him for employing Russell. He said he had to shut down the comments sections on his Facebook and Instagram pages, which hurt his marketing efforts. “We’re just trying to keep the doors open,” he said.

Why People Think Carlee Russell Staged Her Kidnapping in an Elaborate Hoax

Russell’s kidnapping story has been questioned by investigators, who have found evidence that contradicts her claims. According to TMZ, police said Russell searched the internet for information on Amber Alerts and the abduction film “Taken” before she vanished. They also said they could not verify her assertion that she saw a child wandering alone along the highway, or that she was forced into a car and then an 18-wheeler truck by a male kidnapper.

Russell also claimed she was held at a home where a female captor gave her cheese crackers, but police said they could not find any trace of such a location or person. Russell’s mother, Talitha Russell, told NBC’s “Today” show that her daughter had “fought for her life” to escape her captivity, but police said they have not been able to confirm any injuries or signs of struggle on her body.

Police have not charged Russell with any crime, but they have said they are continuing their investigation to unravel the truth behind her case. They have also asked anyone with information or tips to contact them.

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