If you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan, you know the name EDP445. He’s famously known as the YouTube Eagles Super Fan, and all of his videos have gained millions of views over the years. EDP445 started uploading videos in 2007 when the Eagles were in the middle of a championship run, and ever since then his videos have had a cult-like following. He’s even been featured on various sports networks including ESPN and NFL Network. In this article we’ll discuss a recent rumor spreading that EDP445 may have taken his own life.

Did EDP445 Commit Suicide? Details Behind the Rumor EDP445 is Dead in 2022

An unconfirmed rumor suggests that EDP445 is dead in 2022. While details behind the rumor are scarce some people are saying that EDP445 committed suicide due to the allegations of him being a pedophile. Back in 2021 Child Predator Detectives allegedly caught EDP445 chatting with a girl 13 years of age. Viral footage of EDP445 being interrogated by the “Predator Poachers” was released where he admits initiating a conversation with a 13 year old girl.

Alleged inappropriate text messages EDP445 sent to a kid were also released. Then a few weeks ago he was exposed again for allegedly talking to an underage girl in a discord chat room. Below was the video from last year that first made the public aware of his alleged pedophile behavior. Could the fallout from these exposures have made him take his own life?

After the ‘Predator Poachers’ exposed him last year EDP445 deleted all his YouTube videos.

Right now since there is no confirmation that EDP445 is really dead, it might be safer to believe he is still alive. However, considering the allegations against about talking to underage girls it makes the theory that he may have committed suicide believable. According to CDC suicide is one of the leading causes of death in America. Each year around 45,000 people die by suicide, which amounts to one suicide death every 11 minutes.

When you take into account the entire world almost 800,000 people die by suicide each year, which amounts to 1 suicide death every 40 seconds.

We’ll update this story once we find out more, but at this moment the rumor of EDP445’s death doesn’t seem to be true.

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