Judge Ural Glanville Rapping Young Thug 'Slime S**t' Lyrics as Self Snitching Evidence During Court Trial Goes Viral

There’s a whole lot of irony in the latest footage going viral from Young Thug’s court battle. If someone is actually doing crimes talking about it publicly probably wouldn’t be the smartest decision. However, prosecutors seem to believe that Young Thug did just that in some of his music where they feel he talked about the things YSL was doing dating back as much as 7 years. That came full circle today when he literally had to watch the judge perform his lyrics.

Judge Ural Glanville Reciting Young Thug ‘Slime S**t’ Lyrics as Self Snitching Evidence During Court Trial Goes Viral

One of Young Thug’s most notable songs is now being used to attempt putting him behind bars for a long time. As you probably know he’s basically denying most of the charges that are being brought against him. However, the odds are not in his favor to convince the jury he is innocent, especially after his comrades took plea deals. Now it has reached the point where his own music has become his worst enemy. Viral video shows Ural Glanville who is the Chief Judge of the Superior Court of Fulton, rapping Young Thug’s “Slime S**t” lyrics where he talks about murder, weapons, drugs, living a mob lifestyle, and his disdain for judges, which is ironic since one was reading the lyrics.

His music is being used as evidence, so essentially it’s almost like Young Thug snitched on himself in some ways. That defiitely wouldn’t be the first time a situation like that has happened involving a rapper facing charges. Those lyrics along with confessions from his friends like Gunna make this situation look bleak for the YSL leader. Some reports suggested he was stunned when he learned his friends took plea deals, so his mental mind state must be reeling right now.

It’s almost inevitable the Judge Ural Glanville rapping Young Thug’s song will be sampled in a album or mixtape skit one day.

As this case continues to unfold you have to wonder if Young Thug is remembering all those things Wallo told him on Million Dollaz Worth of Game in hopes it would help him avoid a situation like he’s caught in now.

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