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Drake’s Dad Face Tattoo Fail Goes Viral after Drake Clowns Dennis Graham’s Face Tattoo on Social Media

Drake and his dad have many things in common. For example they both have a love for music, and also a love from face tattoos. In this case we don’t mean tattoos on their face, but tattoos of faces. For Drake he gets the faces of his favorite actors and musicians put on random spots on his body. Among the many faces he has people like Denzel Washington’s training day character, and Aaliyah. For Drake’s father Dennis Graham his face tattoos are dedicated to his immediate family, in this case his son Drake. Unfortunately for him the artwork on the tattoo was a disaster, and Drake isn’t afraid to let him know about it.

Drake’s Dad Face Tattoo Fail Goes Viral after Drake Clowns Dennis Graham’s Arm Tattoo on Social Media

Recently Drake took to social media to clown how bad his dad’s face tattoo looks. On Dennis Graham’s arm is tattoo of Drake’s face doing infamous duck lip pose. The picture looks like Drake, but also looks nothing like him at the same time. Apparently Drake’s dad is aware, because he claims 16 people have tried their best to fix the tattoo. The exchange they had on social media revealed how dire the situation is for his father.

In a series of messages Drake clowned his dad’s tattoo of his face saying, “I was just sitting her thinking why you do me like this we family”. Drake’s dad responded like only a father could saying, “I love you, and miss you. Hahaha I had 16 people to try and straighten this out, they’re hurting me”. Take look at the hilarious exchange.

Is that a Drake face tat, or his long lost brother?

It’s somewhat ironic to see Drake clowning his father’s face tattoo, because Denzel Washington subliminally clowned Drake tattooing his face on his body.

Drake has unlimited money, so in theory his dad has unlimited chances to try fixing this tattoo. It seems he has already tried 16 times, so he might as well keep trying now matter how long it takes. Maybe giving the Drake face tattoo a beard will help make it look more accurate. He could even entertain the possibility of getting it removed completely.

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