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Bodycam Footage Showing Police Arresting a Black Woman for Refusing to Sign a Ticket at Atlanta Park Goes Viral

There are instances in life where people let their emotions control their actions, which can sometimes be the biggest mistake they make. This often happens when people are caught in unexpected situations that aren’t going their way. A viral video showing how a simple traffic ticket turned into a dangerous altercation with a cop, and a trip to jail for a black woman in Atlanta could be an example of that, but maybe there’s more to the story than meets the eye.

Details on Bodycam Footage Showing Police Arresting a Black Woman for Refusing to Sign a Traffic Ticket at Atlanta Park

Viral bodycam footage shows what went down when a white police officer named Brooks stopped a black couple for a traffic violation at an Atlanta park. The situation seemed relatively peaceful, with the major issue being the woman did not want to sign the ticket, which is counterproductive for many reasons. When you sign a traffic ticket it gives you the right contest the citation in court, and remain free until your court date. In addition refusing to sign a ticket gives the police officer the right arrest you according to law books.

As you’ll see in the footage when the black woman refused to sign the traffic ticket from the white cop, she forfeited her chance to expose what really happened in a court setting, and gave the officer the fuel he needed to legally arrest her. When he tried arresting her she appeared to resist, which only made the situation worse, and left the man with her in a very dangerous spot. The strangest part of it all was the woman refused to a sign a ticket for being in the park after hours, that easily could have been dropped in court.

Take a look at how the scary situation unfolded.

If the woman had signed the ticket she could have possibly gotten the citation dropped during the court session. In some cases the judge will drop the traffic violation just because you made an effort to show up for the trial. Sadly due to how it all went down she has an arrest on her record, and forfeited her ability to contest the traffic ticket in court.

Some people feel Officer Brooks didn’t really need to give her a ticket in the first place, and a warning could have sufficed considering she claimed being unaware of the laws regarding the park hours. Thinking about the situation that way makes people wonder if the cop would have given a white couple a ticket in that same situation?

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