Does Video Show Demarcus Cousins Forcing Rockets Security Guard Usher to Break NBA COVID-19 Protocol?

Demarcus Cousins’ availability could be in jeopardy after footage went viral of him breaking NBA COVID protocol, and forcing someone else to break the league rules at the same time. The controversial situation happened at Rockets arena ahead of their matchup with Bucks on Wednesday.

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Video Shows Demarcus Cousins Making Rockets Security Guard Usher Break COVID Protocol To Let Him Sign Fan’s Jersey

In the footage a super fan finally got his chance to meet Demarcus Cousins. Given how humble he has become after the Achilles injury, Demarcus Cousins took off his facemask, and went over to take a picture with the fan. Keep in mind the NBA has COVID rules meant to prevent players from interreacting with fans in this way, and Bucks were recently affected by a COVID outbreak.

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While this was happening a security guard usher was watching, and becoming more and more agitated with the fan and Demarcus Cousins breaking NBA’s COVID-19 protocols right in front of him. When the fan started getting ready to take off his jersey for Boogie to sign, the Rockets security guard usher tried to make a stand, but was instead belittled.

People believe Demarcus Cousins forced Rockets security guard usher to break COVID-19 protocol by allowing him to sign the fan’s jersey, and take the pen from random fans.

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Demarcus Cousins told Rockets’ security guard that they were taking their job too seriously.

The look on the Rockets usher’s face says it all. That had to feel embarrassing to get scolded like a child in front of all those fans.

Video Shows Demarcus Cousins Making Rockets Security Guard Usher Break COVID Protocol To Let Him Sign Fan's Jersey

What do you even do in that situation? You have the millionaire NBA player telling the hourly waged worker not to do their job. The hourly waged worker probably feels not listening to the NBA player would get them fired. At the same time they probably are also worried about getting fired for not doing their job.

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It brings up the debate of how upholding COVID rules set by policy makers sitting in a comfortable office ends up making jobs of the people who actually have to enforce them a living nightmare.

Hopefully the NBA doesn’t punish Demarcus Cousins for breaking COVID-19 protocol in this fashion, because he’s been playing decent so far for the Bucks.

Authors: JordanThrilla Staff

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