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Doctor Attends to Marcus Smart's Dislocated Finger Image Credit: YouTube/NBA

Does Marcus Smart Making a Three Pointer with a Dislocated Finger Put Him in the Conversation of Greatest Shooters Ever?

There are moments that define players, games that define seasons, and seasons that define careers. But every so often, a single play can encapsulate the essence of a player’s spirit, their tenacity, and their sheer will to overcome. One such moment unfolded during a game between the Dallas Mavericks and the Memphis Grizzlies, a moment that might have etched Marcus Smart’s name in the halls of NBA folklore.

How Marcus Smart Made a Three Point Shot with a Broken Finger

With around seven minutes to go in the third quarter, the Grizzlies were leading by 15 points. The game was intense, the stakes were high, and every point mattered. Amidst this high-pressure scenario, Marcus Smart, the Grizzlies’ guard, did something extraordinary.

Smart, known for his grit and determination, took a shot from beyond the arc. The ball soared through the air, a perfect parabola against the backdrop of the arena lights, and swished through the net. A three-pointer. A crucial addition to the Grizzlies’ tally. But this was no ordinary three-pointer. This was a shot taken with a dislocated finger.

As the crowd erupted in cheers, Smart turned his hand towards them, revealing his dislocated finger. The sight was unnerving – the finger was unnaturally bent, a clear sign of a dislocation. Yet, there was no grimace of pain on Smart’s face. Instead, he was smiling, a testament to his incredible tolerance for pain and his unwavering focus on the game.

Replays of the sequence provided a clearer picture of what had transpired. In slow motion, viewers could see the exact moment when Smart’s finger dislocated. They could see the unnatural bend of his finger as he took the shot. And they could see the ball leaving his hands, moving towards the hoop, and finally, going in.

On the sidelines, the medical staff rushed to attend to Smart. They attempted to put his finger back in place, a procedure as painful, if not more, as the injury itself. Despite this, Smart remained composed, his focus unbroken. He was then escorted to the locker room for further treatment. When Grizzlies’ coach saw his hand, he immediately made the fist symbol to signify immediate medical assistance was needed.

The moment was surreal. The crowd, the players, and even the commentators were in awe of what they had just witnessed. A player making a three-pointer with an unprotected broken finger is not something you see every day. It’s not something you see any day, for that matter. But Marcus Smart isn’t just any player.

Marcus Smart Shows the Crowd his Dislocated Finger after Making Three Point Shot
Marcus Smart Shows the Crowd his Dislocated Finger after Making Three Point Shot Image Credit: Youtube/NBA

Smart’s resilience is well-known in NBA circles. He’s the kind of player who gives his all, every single game. He’s the kind of player who doesn’t let injuries slow him down. And on this day, he proved it once again.

The pain of a dislocated finger is intense. It’s a kind of pain that can make the toughest of men wince. But Smart didn’t just endure the pain – he played through it. He made a shot, a crucial three-pointer, while his finger was dislocated. And he did it with a smile on his face.

This moment was more than just a testament to Smart’s physical toughness. It was a testament to his mental toughness as well. To be able to focus on the game, to make a shot, while in extreme pain, requires an incredible amount of mental strength. It requires the ability to block out the pain, to concentrate on the task at hand, and to execute it perfectly. And Smart did just that.

But perhaps what’s even more impressive is that Smart didn’t show any signs of pain. He was smiling through it all. He didn’t let the pain affect his game, his performance, or his demeanor. He didn’t let it affect his spirit.

This moment is a perfect example of why many consider Marcus Smart to be the pound-for-pound toughest player in the NBA. It’s not just about his physical toughness, but his mental toughness as well.

It’s about his ability to play through pain, to perform under pressure, and to inspire his team and fans with his never-give-up attitude.

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