Cheating Woman kissing another man during kiss cam at Vancouver Canucks Hockey game.

When it comes to arena traditions one of the most entertaining inventions was the Kiss Cam. Throughout the years people have seen some crazy things go down when patrons in the crowd were put on the spot. Still yet you probably haven’t seen anything like what went down during the Vancouver Canucks’ Kiss Cam.

Woman Cheats on Her Husband by Kissing Stranger During Kiss Cam at Vancouver Canucks Hockey Game

This all started when a women’s boyfriend made the mistake of leaving her unattended with another man in close proximity one seat over. Coincidentally as he was away going on an unknown adventure the kiss cam locked on his girlfriend and the other man thinking they might be couple. That’s when things took an interesting turn to say the least.

At first the man’s wife brushed off the stranger’s attempts to make her lock lips with him on national tv. Keep in mind he was sitting right next to her boyfriend before he got up, so he knew she had a man. Ultimately she gave into his desires and starting French kissing for a few moments.

The kiss cam went on to other sections of the crowd as her boyfriend came back to his seat, and put his arm around his girlfriend having no idea what just happened.

That would change when the Kiss Cam put the spotlight on them crowning them the winners. The woman’s husband looked shocked and confused as he tried to figure out how they won a Kiss Cam segment without actually kissing. The footage was first posted by TikTok user ‘ahgahoeee’, and has been reposted on several other social media platforms.

Woman Cheats on Her Husband by Kissing Stranger During Kiss Cam at Vancouver Canucks Hockey Game

A woman cheating on her boyfriend during kiss cam at a Vancouver Canucks Hockey game is something most sports fan would ever predict seeing. On the list of the most disrespectful ways to get cheated on this might make the top 5.

Her boyfriend won’t be able to log on to social media without seeing that video somewhere. It’s almost like an episode of “Black Mirror” on Netflix.

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