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Man Breaks Down Crying on IG Live After Buying Fake 3D Printed Glock Guns from Scammers

It was just another normal day for a man in his twenties looking to buy a gun. Little did he know that he would soon be in tears, after falling victim to a 3D printed gun scam. The man came across someone selling two Glock guns for only $100, and immediately he was drawn in by the sharp black shapes and the attractive price tags. He thought it would be a great purchase, and quickly bought the two guns for himself.

However, it was soon revealed that the Glock guns were actually fake. After realizing the guns don’t work, the man was left devastated as he was shocked at how realistic they had looked. He started to feel foolish for having fallen victim to the 3D printed Glock gun scam. He took to Instagram Live to share his experience, and within minutes he was in tears. He talked about how he’d been taken advantage of, and how he felt stupid for buying the guns.

He was so emotional that he even had to take a break to compose himself. His story quickly went viral, and people began sympathizing with him. Many shared how they too had been taken advantage of by scammers, and some even warned about being careful when purchasing 3D printed guns. It’s surprising he didn’t know something was up after the scammers agreed to sell the two Glocks for only $100. That should have been a major red flag right there, but you live and you learn.

In the end, the man’s story serves as a warning, and an example of why it is important to be careful when purchasing high value items from people you don’t know well. Unfortunately, scams are still prevalent, and it is important to do research on the seller before making any purchases.

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