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Memphis Police Release Shocking Photos of Shooting Suspects Holding AK47 Guns at Motel 6 Before Murdering a Man

Memphis Police are trying to solve a brutal murder that took place at a usually quiet hotel location. Security cameras on the premises were able to capture the suspects in the act, but their faces were covered concealing their identities. Recently police made a bold move to hasten the search, and apprehend the suspects.

Memphis Police Release Photos of Suspects Who Shot and Killed Man at Motel 6

In hopes that the public can help them track down the three suspects involved in the grizzly murder, Memphis police released photos of the men who murdered the victim at Motel 6. The photos show the suspects were armed with semi-automatic rifles, which law enforcement believe could be AK47 guns. Based on the police reports of how these suspect committed the crime there was no chance their target would survive.

According to reports the three men arrived at the Motel 6 located on Sycamore View Rd. around 7:10pm. They jumped out from a red car, ran up to their target, and opened fire. If you were to compare the description to a movie scene it sounds similar to how Denzel Washington’s character died in Training Day. Take a look at the viral photos of the suspect right before they opened fire at Motel 6.

Memphis police haven’t released any details about the victim, and seem to be unaware of the motive. The three suspects are still on the run, and are considered armed and dangerous. Law enforcement has asked anyone with knowledge of their whereabouts to contact Crime Stoppers.

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