Why Did a Woman Kick a Sea Lion Trying to Escape from Orcas Off Her Boat in Viral TikTok Video? TikToker user 'nutabull' video showing Woman kicking sea lion off boat to pod of orcas waiting to eat it.

What would you do if you were in the middle of the ocean, and saw a Sea Lion jump on your boat? Before you answer that question let’s add that the Sea Lion is on your boat, because there is a pod of orcas trying to eat it. This is the situation TikTok User “nutabull” experienced in a controversial video.

Why Did the Woman Kick a Sea Lion Off Her Boat to Hungry Pod of Orcas Waiting to Eat It?

In the controversial TikTok video a woman kicks a Sea Lion off her boat despite the fact she sees Orcas circling her Boat in the water ready eat it. Many people are angry she didn’t try to save the Sea Lion’s life by possibly moving her boat to a safer area, then kicking it into the water.

However, Orcas can easily topple over a Boat, and are very smart when it comes to working as group. Some people believe she made the decision between saving herself, and saving the Sea Lion. Most people would choose to save themselves.

Take a look at the footage.

Part 2.

What’s strange about nutabull’s TikTok video is the fact the Sea Lion was able to climb on the boat. Sea Lion’s don’t have arms, and aren’t known to jump out of water, so how exactly did it get on the boat? The TikToker was acting confused about this as well.

The moment the Orcas started swimming under the boat is probably where it became a decision of whether to risk the boat sinking, or sacrificing the Sea Lion’s life. Unfortunately the woman kicked the sea lion off the boat to the hungry Orcas, but she probably had no choice.

Orcas are one of the few species in the animal kingdom that are known to torture their prey before eating it. Prayers up for that Sea Lion.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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