Did a Student Overdose on Fentanyl Laced Drugs at Wakefield High School?

Arlington County Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division is investigating an alleged drug overdose at Wakefield High School. On arrival, the first officer to the scene reported a traumatic scene, and began the process of searching the crime scene, the most important phase of the investigation.

Did a Wakefield High School Drug Overdose Fentanyl Related?

The victim of the overdose has been transported to a local area hospital, and is currently in critical condition. Though the cause of the overdose is still unknown, four juveniles on scene were all evaluated for their own safety. Considering other students reportedly had to be evaluated specifically for their own safety, many people on social media feel it’s possible the overdose could be fentanyl related. However, it also could be standard procedure to evaluate other students who were with someone that overdosed.

Did a Student Overdose on Fentanyl Laced Drugs at Wakefield High School?
Stock Image of Fentanyl Needle Laying Near Bicycle Track

The Arlington County Police Department has increased their presence at Wakefield High School to ensure the safety of all students, and they are looking into any potential leads regarding the cause of the overdose.

The Wakefield High School administration has responded to the incident by increasing their monitoring of the school, and they are now working with the Arlington County law enforcement officials to ensure that the school is safe for all students.

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