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Here Is the Story Behind Game of Thrones Star Nathalie Emmanuel aka Missandei Nude Controversy

There’s an old saying that says once you do something once people expect you to do it again, but not when it involves exposing your body. Game of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel nude controversy brings to light the stress expectations in Hollywood can bring after exposing your body just one time for the camera.

During GOT Nathalie Emmanuel went nude during a scene, and she now claims that her bosses expect her to do that in any other projects she is a part of without qualms. On the show she plays the character Missandei, who most people will remember was executed in an emotional scene. On a recent episode of the podcast “Make it Reign” she revealed that in new roles she is gets that involve nudity her bosses are automatically expecting her to be down with it. However, that is far from the case.


Nathalie Emmanuel says, “what people don’t realize is that I agree to specific things (going nude) for that one particular project, and that doesn’t necessarily apply to all projects”. She made it clear that she is confident enough in her career to turn down roles that won’t respect her boundaries with showing too much skin on the screen.

The good news here is that she admitted that it has been very rare for her bosses to not agree on compromises after she conveys how she really feels about doing nude scenes.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff