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Video Showing Huge Snake Found in Indian Village with Possible Human Body in Stomach Goes Viral

A video of a huge snake that was captured by villagers in India after it allegedly swallowed a human being has gone viral on the internet. The video shows the snake, which is estimated to be over 20 feet long, struggling to escape from a rope that was tied around its neck. The snake was so powerful that it broke large pieces of wood from the building where it was kept.

The video was recorded at an unknown location in India, but some reports claim that it happened in Jharkhand, a state in eastern India. The snake is believed to have eaten a human, as it had a massive bulge in its stomach area. Some sources claim that the potential victim was a woman who went missing while working in a rubber plantation. Others say that the victim was a man who was attacked by the snake while sleeping.

The video has sparked mixed reactions from viewers, who expressed shock, horror, pity, and curiosity about the incident. Some questioned the authenticity of the video, while others wondered how the snake managed to swallow such a large prey. Some also criticized the villagers for capturing the snake in such a seemingly inhumane way, because is a protected species in India.

According to some social media experts, the snake is most likely a python, a non-venomous constrictor that can grow up to 30 feet long. Pythons kill their prey by wrapping themselves around them and suffocating them, before swallowing them whole.

Pythons can eat animals that are larger than their own head, such as deer, pigs, and even crocodiles. However, human attacks by pythons are very rare, as they usually avoid humans and prefer to live in secluded areas.

The video of the snake with a possible human body in its stomach is one of the most shocking, and disturbing videos that have gone viral on the internet this year. It shows the dangers of living in close proximity with wild animals, and the tragic fate of both the potential victim and the snake.