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Is Kim Jong-Un Creating an Army of Super Villains? Viral Video Shows North Korean Troops Doing Super Human Things

It’s like a movie come to real life what is going on North Korea. A recent video suggests that Kim Jong-Un is creating an army of Super Villains. It appears North Korea has discovered a way to make indestructible human beings, capable of doing inhuman things.

Viral Video Shows North Korean Soldiers Doing Super Human Things for Kim Jong-Un

In a spectacle like nothing ever seen before, North Korean soldiers put on a display of super human abilities in front of Kim Jong-Un. These super human North Korean soldiers were able to accomplish tasks like smashing concrete bricks with their face, lying on broken glass without getting cut, having their arms smashed with sledgehammer, but taking no damage, dropping large concrete boulders on their head without it getting crushed, and even bending large metal rods with their throats.

These North Korean soldiers truly look like indestructible Super Villains who could probably stop bullets with their bare hands.

How does a person learn they are capable of doing those things? How do you train your body to withstand the force of something like a Sledgehammer trying to crush it?

The only plausible answer is that those North Korean soldiers must be mutant humans like X-Men. Maybe Kim Jong-Un got access to the Compound V. If you have watched the show “The Boys” on Amazon Prime Video then you know all about Compound V.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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