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Former Hawks NBA Player Brandon Goodwin Claims COVID-19 Vaccine Destroyed His Career and NBA Tried to Cover It Up

The first NBA player to come forward with a claim of how the COVID Vaccine destroyed his body paints a picture of how vaccine mandates can possibly harm people who were at almost no risk of dying from COVID. Former Hawks player Brandon Goodwin claims COVID-19 vaccine destroyed his career, and the NBA tried to cover it up.

Did COVID-19 Vaccine Cause Brandon Goodwin’s Blood Clots?

When Brandon Goodwin was cut from the Atlanta Hawks last season the official reason listed was “minor health concerns”. However, the health concerns were not minor, and also happened directly after he took the COVID-19 vaccine. Brandon Goodwin revealed his COVID vaccine horror story while on a recent livestream, since the story of what happened to him was allegedly being buried.

According to his story, Brandon Goodwin started having severe backpains, and felt too tired to run up and down the court during games. At first he thought he was just sick, but when he wasn’t recovering he decided to go the doctor. That’s when he learned he had blood clots throughout his body, which happened within a month of him taking the COVID vaccine.

Take a listen to his testimony.

There aren’t many media outlets talking about Brandon Goodwin’s COVID Vaccine horror story, likely because it goes against the narrative that COVID vaccines are 100% safe. Those same media outlets love to report when someone unvaccinated dies from COVID-19, and also love to crucify people like Kyrie Irving who protested vaccine mandates.

In this situation you have an NBA player who was healthy before taking the COVID vaccine, and now is unhealthy. It’s possible the COVID vaccine also took away his livelihood since he was cut from the NBA.

According to VAERS reports there have been over 16,000 reports of possible deaths related to the COVID vaccine, a number that could be underreported by the government, or overreported by VAERS. In addition there has allegedly been over 50,000 reports of people suffering from serious side effects after taking COVID vaccine.

Some of the most often reported serious side effects are heart inflammation, blood clotting, and pericarditis, all of which can be deadly. Now NBA Player Brandon Goodwin is possibly added to the list of people who claim the COVID-19 vaccine impacted their health negatively.

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