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Man Saves Falling Cat at Hard Rock Stadium Then Holds it Up Like Simba For Crowd in Real Life Lion King Moment

Miami Gardens, Florida – Hard Rock Stadium turned into a scary scene when a Cat was seen dangling from the rafters holding on for dear life by its small front paws. The situation seemed grim when the cat lost grip, and was hanging on by only one paw.

At that moment it seemed its life was just about to end, but remember Cats have 9 lives, which means they have really good luck in bad situations like these. In this case luck was on the side of the cat, and it turned a man into a internet legend.

How a Man Saved a Cat at Hard Rock Stadium From a Deadly Fall

A viral video shows a man catching the falling cat at Hard Rock Stadium, then holding up the cat like Simba to let the arena know it was alive and safe. Even the moment when the cat was falling seemed similar to how Mufasa fell from the mountain edge when he died.

Take a look at how this man saving a cat at Hard Rock Stadium turned into a real life Lion King moment.

One thing that probably helped this cat out in this situation is their ability to always fall feet first. That presumably made it much easier for the guy in the crowd to catch the cat falling from Hard Rock Stadiums’ rafters.

That person will forever be known as the guy who caught the cat at Hard Rock Stadium, then held it up like Simba after saving its life.

It’s only right for him to keep it as a pet now, because they are bonded for life.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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