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TikTok Video of Rockford Subway Robbery Shows Suspended Employee Araceli Sotelo Pistol Whipping an Armed Robber With His Own Gun

An armed robbery at a Rockford Subway restaurant, has turned into a viral moment of female empowerment, and heroics. The scary incident happened at a location in Rockford Illinois, and has sparked controversy due to what happened to victim after the ordeal. The Rockford Subway armed robbery video was posted by TikTok user “yadalove07”.

How Female Subway Employee Araceli Sotelo Beat Up an Armed Robber With His Own Gun Then Got Suspended For It

The viral TikTok video shows Araceli Sotelo fighting an armed robber trying to take her purse. Using her super strength she got the armed robbed in headlock and took off his sweatshirt, which made him drop his gun. That’s when the tables really turned when the Rockford Subway employee Araceli Sotelo pistol whipped the armed robber with his own gun making him run out the store.

Part 2.

Why Did the Rockford Subway Suspend Araceli Sotelo for Defending Herself Against a Robber?

In situations like these it’s actually very common for an employer to fire or suspend an employee who takes physical action during a robbery. Presumably that could lead to potential lawsuits, which is why most employers would prefer that their worker comply with the requests of an armed robber.

Also in this situation it’s alleged that the Subway location was angry that Araceli Sotelo leaked the videos, and told her she would get her job back when the videos were taken down, according to report from WTVO. However, Araceli Sotelo conveyed how it would be impossible for her to take down all the videos since she isn’t the only person that posted the security camera footage on the internet. She believes the Rockford Subway location was trying to hide the situation from corporate.

Even if Araceli Sotelo gets her job back, she should try working for an employer that will treat her better after a situation like that. Imagine fending off an armed robber, only to lose your job because of that. That just doesn’t sound right at all. Luckily she wasn’t injured during that scary ordeal.

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