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Racist White Boaters Jump Black Security Guard Then a Group of Black Boaters Come to His Defense in Viral Plot Twist Fight

A viral video shows the moment some alleged racist boaters attacked a black security guard for a very petty reason based on reports. The incident sparked a massive brawl when another group of black people came to the rescue of the security guard. The fight took place in Alabama near the Montgomery Riverfront Park on Saturday evening.

Why Did the Alleged Racist Boaters Attack the Black Security Guard?

According to reports, the black security guard asked the group of white people to move their pontoon boat, because it was allegedly blocking another boat from docking at the riverfront. The white boaters allegedly refused, and started hurling threats at the security guard.

Based on footage they then got off their boat, and assaulted the security guard, who tried to defend himself. Reports say the first calls to police where made around 7 p.m. from Coosa Street area.

The plot twist came when the boat that was being blocked was able to dock, and aboard that boat was a group of black people who came to the defense of the black security guard. They confronted the white boaters, and a huge fight broke out between the two groups.

The video shows punches, kicks, and objects being thrown as people scream and curse at each other. The police arrived at the scene, and arrested several people involved in the brawl. It’s not clear if the incident will be investigated as a hate crime, considering a group of white men attacked a lone black man who wasn’t even the aggressor. The security guard suffered injuries, and was treated at a local hospital according to some reports.

The video of the fight has gone viral on social media, with many people condemning the potential racism and violence displayed by the white boaters that started the whole ordeal. Some also praised the courage and solidarity of the black people who stood up for the security guard, risking their own lives and wellbeing in the process.

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