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College Park Teen Water Boy Shot Multiple Times While Selling Water on Side of Road in Broad Daylight

Have you ever been driving around on hot summer day, and you saw someone trying to hustle with some bottles of water? Now imagine seeing one of them get shot in drive by shooting while you’re driving to a store. That horrific situation happened when a College Park teen water boy was shot multiple times while selling water on the side of the road in broad daylight.

According to a report from Fox News, police believe this was a targeted shooting. The 17 year old water boy was standing with 4 other individuals, but the shooters only aimed at him. The victim was hit twice in the legs, his hand, and wrist. The incident happened around 12:20 in the afternoon near an off ramp on 285-W when traffic was busy.

The scary part about this situation is that the suspects are still at large with no leads. Police have only confirmed they were driving a white sedan.

Selling water on the side of road is generally an unsafe thing to do, because you run the risk of getting hit by a car or encountering a disgruntled driver. Many people hate having random strangers approaching their cars while their driving. Even with that in mind you would never expect to see someone getting shot while trying to make a few dollars selling cold water.

17 years old is way too soon to go, hopefully the young man can make a full recovery.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff