When you think of Michael Jackson the last thought that comes to your mind is how hood he may have been in secret. His soft voice, eloquent demeanor, and love towards children just didn’t seem like things you would describe as being ‘hood’. However, there were times where Michael Jackson got a bit gangster and laid down the low to his subordinates, and people think a viral video is proof of that.

Video of Michael Jackson Being ‘Hood’ Goes Viral

An old video shows Michael Jackson using some choice words towards a person who was supposed to recording a video of him. Michael Jackson didn’t like that the cameraman wasn’t capturing his full upper body in all its glory. When the camera person told Michael Jackson that he could only see up to the Nike logo on the upper part of his chest he replied saying, ‘What a schmuck, back up. Ugh dimwit‘. For a brief moment Michael Jackson was ‘hood’, if you consider that dialect a bit gangster.

Although many people on social media think this video shows Michael Jackson being hood, we disagree with that. The words ‘schmuck’ and ‘dimwit’ are far from what would be considered ‘hood’ in our opinions. However, that video does definitely show that Michael Jackson could be assertive despite his soft spoken demeanor.

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