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Can Dr. Umar Legally Have Two Wives in US? Video Shows Dr. Umar Getting Married to Two Women in Polygamy Wedding

Dr. Umar Johnson allegedly has two wives, and his wedding took place in front the social media world. A viral video shows Dr. Umar getting married to two women on IG Live. This means Dr. Umar has “sister wives”, which isn’t something you see very often in the United States.

Is it Legal for Dr. Umar to Have Two Wives in the United States?

Polygamy is illegal in all 50 States in America, but in Utah you only get a small fine, which is the equivalent of a traffic ticket.

That being said, a marriage between Dr. Umar and two women wouldn’t be legally recognized by any state in America.

Take a look at some photo and videos from Dr. Umar’s alleged polygamy wedding.

Can Dr. Umar Legally Have Two Wives? Viral Video Shows Dr. Umar Getting Married to Two Women on IG Live. Dr. Umar Johnson double wedding. Dr. Umar two wives.

Was Dr. Umar’s Double Wedding Fake?

Dr. Umar’s polygamy wedding is fake in legal sense, unless he was brave enough to broadcast himself breaking laws. However, what it represents is definitely real.

Dr. Umar is very “afro-centric”, and in African countries polygamy is very legal and very common. This wedding seems more like symbolism of him paying homage to his ancestral roots, which is cool to see.

If you’re married in spirit, what does the relationship being recognized by the law really mean besides some tax breaks?

Congrats to Dr. Umar and his two new wives.

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