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Viral Video Shows Moment Tennessee Lyft Driver Kicks Out Passenger on Highway Then Almost Wrecks While Speeding Off

Most of the time when you call for a Lyft driver you expect them to be super courteous, and attentive to simple requests like being allowed to get your bags out the trunk. However, down in Tennessee a short Lyft ride turned into highway mayhem.

Why Did a the Tennessee Lyft Driver Kick out a Passenger on Highway?

A viral video shows a Tennessee Lyft driver kicking out a passenger on the highway, after he asked the driver to go the speed limit. The passenger had to beg the Lyft driver for his own bags, before they were thrown at him. In a fit of rage the Tennessee Lyft driver almost wrecked while reentering the highway speeding off with no regard.

Based on the footage the Tennessee Lyft driver seems to believe she is the victim. Near the end of the video clip the Lyft driver claimed to be recording the passenger as well, insinuating she was provoked. The video doesn’t really show what happened right before the Tennessee Lyft driver kicked out the passenger on a highway.

There was so much emotion in everything that went on, it seemed super personal. How did things escalate that quickly? Recent reports state the Tennessee driver was suspended by Lyft, and they allegedly reached out to the victim.

This situation highlights the dangers of taxi services of old and new. You never really know who your driver really is underneath the professional demeanor.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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