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Was Prankster YouTuber Daysi Dukes Arrested at Walmart For Smashing TVs in the Electronics Section?

A controversial YouTuber known as Daysi Dukes was allegedly arrested by the police after she attempted to pull off a prank at a Walmart store, where she smashed a TV screen with a baseball bat in front of shocked employees and customers.

Daysi Dukes, who has over 92,000 subscribers on her channel DAYSIDUKESTV, is known for creating prank-style videos that often involve breaking or damaging things. In her latest video, she brought a bat to her local Walmart Negan from The Walking Dead style, then proceeded to smash a TV, causing a loud noise and attracting attention from everyone around her.

In the video, she can be seen asking another customer if they want to join her in smashing the TV, and telling an employee that she is doing it for fun. However, her prank backfired when a police officer arrived at the scene and handcuffed her, while she tried to explain that all she did was smash a TV. The officer did not seem to be amused by her words, and continued to put her in handcuffs.

The video ended abruptly, leaving the viewers wondering what happened to Daysi Dukes after she was arrested. The video has received mixed reactions from the online community, with some people criticizing her for wasting resources and causing trouble, while others defending her for being creative and entertaining.

Some also questioned the authenticity of the video and suggested that it was staged or scripted. It seems most people are calling the video a sad effort at clout chasing.

Daysi Dukes’ alleged arrest raises several interesting questions. If you smash a TV at Walmart, then pay for the TV you just broke, is that still an arrest worthy offense since you damaged the item before you owned it?

Can you circumvent criminal charges of damaging store property, buy paying for it immediately after? It seems she might have been under the impression that was the case, then found out the law works differently. A prank can go wrong that quickly.

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