Viral Video Shows Fight Between Barn Owl and Pigeon After the Pigeons Tried to Take Over Owl's Nest

All bird species are known to be very protective of their nests and children. This leaves the question as to what would happen if two bird species with kids ended in the same nest by mistake? That question was answered in a viral video showing a Barn Owl fighting a Pigeon after the Pigeons tried to take over the Owl’s nest.

The tense situation started during the day when the Barn Owl left its kids in the nest to do Owl things. Unbeknownst to him two Pigeon would enter the nest, start laying eggs, and harassing his owl kids leaving them huddled in the corner in fear. When night fell the Owl returned home, and all hell broke loose.

One thing that stood out bout the video was the fact that the female Barn owl was much braver than her male counterpart in terms of attacking the pigeons. That could be due to the fact that female Barn owls are slightly larger than males.

Moral of the story is no one likes when you break into their home, even Barn Owls.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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