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Did This Episode of ‘Justice for All’ Predict Court TV Bailiff Renard Spivey Would Murder His Wife Patricia Ann Marshall Spivey?

There are often times in life where some of the nicest looking people end up doing the most heinous things. They say hindsight is 20/20, so when situations like that happen people often find themselves recollecting past events to see if there were any red flags they missed about the person who committed the crime. That sentiment is at the core of why old footage from an episode of the Court TV show ‘Justice For All’ with Judge Cristina Perez is going viral.

The Story of How Court TV Bailiff Renard Spivey Shot and Killed His Wife

Back in 2019 a man named Renard Spivey was charged with murdering his wife Patricia Ann Marshall Spivey. According to police reports he and his wife got into an argument over his alleged steroid use. Somehow that quarrel led to them struggling over a gun, which eventually led to Renard Spivey shooting his wife in the heart while she was in a closet. He also suffered a gunshot wound to his leg, which made his story of a struggle believable.

Renard Spivey claimed the shooting was accidental, but investigators claim the evidence and three bullet casing found in the closet didn’t corroborate with his claim. At the time there was much controversy after his lawyer Mike Degeurin was able to reduce his bond to $50,000, which allowed him to leave jail until his trial. Take a look at some video from back when the crime was first being reported.

People Are Convinced This Episode of ‘Justice for All’ Predicted Court TV Bailiff Renard Spivey Would Murder His Wife

Renard Spivey’s murder case went viral in 2019 due to the fact he was a well known Court TV Bailiff on the show ‘Justice for All’ with Judge Cristina Perez for a 4 year time period from 2012 through 2016. Recently people began to believe that during an episode a plaintiff predicted Renard Spivey would murder his wife. During the episode in question Judge Cristina Perez asked Renard his thoughts on the plaintiff’s saying lovers fight and quarrel all the time. While he was reacting to the question the plaintiff noticed that Renard seemed angry while thinking about his wife. People believe that anger the plaintiff noticed was the sign that he would eventually murder his wife.

The crazy part about this murder story is the fact Renard Spivey was married to his wife for over 20 years. It seemed like he may have went into a fit of roid rage when he shot his wife dead. It’s crazy to think that signs that may have saved her life were right there in front of us on Live TV, but no one noticed until 2022. Another situation that proves hindsight is truly 20/20.

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