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Did JJ Taylor Snitch on Mikey Williams? New Tesla Video Leaks as Rumor Trends

Is JJ Taylor a snitch? The Memphis Tigers basketball program received devastating news when one of their prized recruits, Mikey Williams, was arrested on multiple felony gun charges in San Diego. Williams, a five-star guard in the 2023 class according to 247Sports Composite, signed with Memphis in November and was expected to be a key contributor for coach Penny Hardaway next season. Another key signee was his good friend and high school teammate JJ Taylor, who is at the center of a rumor alleging that he may have been one of the reasons behind the arrest.

Did JJ Taylor Snitch on Mikey Williams? Video Leaks Showing Tesla with Bullet Holes as Rumor Trends

Mikey Williams’ future with the Tigers is now in doubt after he was booked this past Thursday afternoon on five counts of assault with a deadly weapon using a firearm in the San Diego California area, as reported by Jackson Brown of ABC 24 Memphis. Williams was released on $50,000 bail early Friday morning and is scheduled to appear in court on April 20. Since then rumors about what led to the arrest have been circulating on social media.

It should go without saying that the story about what happened has not been confirmed, and right now is based on rumors from people who allegedly know what happened. According to those rumors JJ Taylor and Mikey Williams were hanging out at his house when they invited a woman over. When she arrived there were allegedly 3 other people in a Tesla car with her. The issue was she allegedly didn’t let Mikey Williams know that she was coming with an entourage of people. This woman was allegedly in a relationship of some kind with JJ.

Now Mikey Williams is worth millions, so naturally he has to move with a sense of caution knowing that people could try to rob him at anytime. According to the rumors he got a bit worried that something was about to go down, since she pulled up with 4 people he didn’t know. It’s alleged that the people she came with were only giving her a ride to the house, but when you’re worth a lot of money perspective changes in situations like that.

One thing led to another, and Mikey Williams allegedly told the woman and her entourage leave his house. In that timespan something went down that led to Mikey Williams allegedly shooting at their Tesla car as they were driving away. Viral aftermath footage, which you can see below shows the large bullet holes in the back of the car, along with a shattered windshield. It’s really miraculous that no one was hurt or killed.

Now here’s where the alleged snitching comes in. It’s rumored that Mikey Williams was claiming self defense in the situation, which might have helped him avoid being arrested if he owned the gun legally. However, around the internet people are saying that JJ Taylor snitched on Mikey in some way that implicated him into getting arrested.

Some people speculate that the motive behind the alleged snitching may have been that JJ was not happy about him shooting at the car the woman was in. Others think he might have been trying to save himself from getting in trouble. Of course as aforementioned this story is all based on social media rumors about what went down. Take a look at viral video

Williams is a native of San Diego and played his senior year at San Ysidro High School with JJ Taylor. He also played at Lake Norman Christian School in North Carolina as a junior. He has been a viral sensation since his middle school days, attracting millions of followers on social media and endorsement deals with companies like Puma and StockX.

Williams chose Memphis over offers from Arizona State, Kansas, UCLA and USC, among others. He cited his relationship with Hardaway and his desire to play with other top recruits as reasons for his decision. He was part of a stellar 2023 class for Memphis. After his arrest Mikey Williams IG account was deactivated, which is a very bad sign.

Did JJ Taylor Snitch on Mikey Williams? Tesla Video Leaks as Rumor Trends
Mikey Williams’ Instagram Account Deactivated After Arrest

How Much Jail Time is Mikey Williams Facing?

The Memphis athletics department issued a statement on Friday saying that they are aware of the situation and are gathering more information. It is unknown at this point how Williams’ arrest will affect his eligibility or status with the team. If convicted, he could face a minimum of six months in county jail for each charge, according to California law.

Do you believe JJ Taylor snitched on Mikey Williams? If he did, was it to avoid implicating himself, or was it because of the woman in the car?

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