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Did Kyle Lowry Break His Ankle on Pat Connaughton Foot? Kyle Lowry Runs to Locker Room After Injuring Ankle During Bucks vs Heat

Kyle Lowry’s Heat debut is already over after 1 quarter of play, and possibly the next few games too. Everything was going well for the Heat as they held Bucks to only 3 points in the first 10 minutes of play, but the mood of their huge lead would dampen when the injury bug bit them early.

Did Kyle Lowry Break his Ankle During Heat vs Bucks?

Kyle Lowry rolled his ankle on Pat Connaughton’s foot while attempting a hop step towards the rim. After the play he immediately got up, and quickly ran hopped to the locker room. When players leave the court that quickly, usually they think it might be something serious.

A slow motion replay would show just how far Kyle Lowry’s ankle bent after landing on Pat Connaughton’s foot. His ankle got the Zaza Pachulia treatment word to Kawhi Leonard.

All things considered this was a nightmare Heat debut for Kyle Lowry individually. In 12 minutes he scored 0 points while shooting 0-4 from the field, and blew out his ankle too. Now he’ll probably be out for a few games or more.

For the Heat, Kyle Lowry is the difference maker that makes them a true contender again. Barring injury, the Heat are probably the only Eastern Conference team truly capable of beating the Bucks in a 7 games series.

Hopefully Kyle Lowry only sprained his ankle, and nothing more serious.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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