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Video: Boxer Simiso Buthelezi is Dead After Fighting Invisible Opponent in Ring

Do you remember that video that recently went viral of Simiso Buthelezi punching air during his fight against Siphesihle Mntungwa in South Africa? The moment was very strange, because Buthelezi was seemingly in control of the fight, and had knocked Mntungwa through the ropes before he started fighting an invisible opponent in the ring. Sadly it was a traumatic brain injury that cause the scary moment, and he wasn’t able to survive the ordeal.

Boxer Simiso Buthelezi is Dead After Punching Invisible Opponent in Ring

During the match the ref immediately stopped the fight in the 10th round after Buthelezi began punching air as Siphesihle Mntungwa was watching in confusion. The match was hosted by Starline Boxing Promotions during a tournament in Greyville Durban. Shortly after the match was stopped Buthelezi collapsed in the ring, and was rushed to the hospital. Doctors discovered that Simiso Buthelezi’s brain was bleeding internally.

While at hospital Buthelezi was place in a medically induced coma while doctors frantically attempted to save his life. However, two days after he collapsed on June 5th he passed away. At the moment it’s not clear exactly when the brain injury occurred during the match, because he seemed fine before that moment where he started punching air, and would have probably won the fight if it it went the distance.

Sad stories like these show why boxing is probably the most dangerous sport in the world. Scientists even say boxing is more dangerous than MMA, because of the repeated blows to the head over the course of a much longer fight. This is why the criticism that Floyd Mayweather got for using a style that kept him safe from head injuries doesn’t make sense.

Prayers up for Simiso Buthelezi’s family.