Washington Commanders are in the midst of major controversy after Jack Del Rio spoke his mind about a very sensitive racial issue during a press conference. It’s been about 2 years since George Floyd was murdered by Derek Chauvin, and as you probably know in the days after his death there were massive protests that caused a lot of destruction. Most of that destruction was caused by people who weren’t even George Floyd Protesters, but rather people who took advantage of the situation. The actual George Floyd Protesters were practicing peaceful protests. Nevertheless Jack Del Rio made a comparison that has many people scratching their heads, and wondering if he is racist.

Is Jack Del Rio Racist? Jack Del Rio Comparing George Floyd Protest to Capitol Building Riot Sparks Backlash

Jack Del Rio believes that the Capitol Building riot was similar to George Floyd protests. In fact he made light of the January 6th Insurrection calling it a ‘dustup’ since no buildings were burned down. Essentially he seems to be insinuating that the George Floyd Protests were worse than the Capitol Building Riot, which is a crazy take. One was caused by people who didn’t believe the election was fair, while the other happened after a racist cop murdered an innocent black man in cold blood.

During his viral press conference Jack Del Rio said this about the George Floyd Protests, ‘I see the images on TV, people’s livelihoods being destroyed. No problem. Then we have a dustup at the Capitol and we’re gonna make that a major deal‘. To be fair a lot of damage was caused during the George Floyd Protests, and it was black business owners who were most affected by that, but again that damage was mostly caused by people who weren’t George Floyd Protesters. It definitely doesn’t seem right to compare that situation to the Capitol Building riot. Would you consider Jack Del Rio racist after his comments? Take a listen.

Greg Price Defends Jack Del Rio’s George Floyd Protest Comment

One of the most outspoken people defending Jack Del Rio amidst this controversy has been Greg Price. He posted a video showing how black business owners were affected most by the damage caused during the George Floyd Protests. He also posted a claim saying that the George Floyd Protests caused the most expensive property damage in insurance history.

It’s super ironic to hear Jack Del Rio’s potentially racist comments about George Floyd protests considering he works for a football team that used to have a very racist logo and name.

It’s like the Washington Football team can’t catch a break when it comes to racial controversy. Jack Del Rio definitely needs to apologize to at least attempt quelling the warranted backlash.

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