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Stephen A Smith Reacts to Kyrie Irving Instagram Live About COVID Vaccine Mandates and the Agenda Being Pushed

Kyrie Irving finally cleared the air on his vaccination controversy with the Nets, and he made a lot of powerful statements. With over 100,000 people watching Kyrie Irving got in Instagram Live to explain why he is refusing to get vaccinated, and it’s a lot deeper than people expected.

What Did Kyrie Irving’s Instagram Live Say about COVID Vaccine Mandates?

The gist of Kyrie Irving’s Instagram Live speech was that he feels that people are trying to use him as a tool to further an agenda (vaccine mandates). He says this isn’t about money, the Nets, the NBA, but rather about people being allowed to do what’s right for them. Kyrie Irving is still shocked that people are trying to take everything away from him simply because he isn’t vaccinated, and he has a point.

Like Kyrie Irving says, it seems clear there is an agenda behind these vaccine mandates, because of all tthe inconsistencies behind why and how they are being implemented. Kyrie Irving chose not speak more about the agenda he feels is being pushed.

Kyrie Irving isn’t the only NBA player that believe there is an agenda. A few weeks ago Draymond Green insinuated the same thing while defending Andrew Wiggins.

Take a look at Kyrie Irving’s Instagram Live speech about vaccine mandates, and Nets banning him for not being vaccinated.

Part 2.

Stephen A Smith Responds to Kyrie Irving’s Instagram Live Explaining Why He Isn’t Getting Vaccinated

Stephen A Smith posted a video shortly after Kyrie Irving’s Instagram Live session about his refusal to get vaccinated went viral. He didn’t say much, but he conveyed that he’s even more upset with Kyrie Irving than he was he went on a unwarrantedly disrespectful rant. It seems Stephen A Smith is having a hard time grasping why Kyrie Irving says Vaccine mandates are an agenda being pushed.

In a previous video a few days ago Stephen A Smith admitted that part of the reason he got vaccinated was to keep his ESPN checks coming in. He said he was apprehensive about the COVID vaccine, but caved into ESPN’s vaccine mandate and got it. When you take that into consideration it really feels like Stephen A Smith is hating on Kyrie Irving, because he’s jealous that he isn’t brave enough to take the same stand against COVID vaccine mandates.

Whether you support vaccine mandates or are against them, you have to admire what Kyrie Irving is doing. This guy really has values that are more important to him than money, unlike Stephen A Smith. It would be an incredible moment in sports history if Kyrie Irving doesn’t play a single game for the Nets this season, and doesn’t cave in the unwarranted pressure to take vaccine he doesn’t want to take.

Rich famous celebrities like Kyrie Irving are rare these days. We should really appreciate him more.

It should be noted that new data from the UK PHE Covid Surveillance report suggests that vaccine mandates may actually be prolonging the pandemic by increasing the rate at which COVID spreading.

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