Devin Booker "Next Question" Response to Reporter Who Asked Stupid Question About Chris Paul After Game 5 NBA Finals Loss is Hilarious

If you watch sports you know that reporters sometimes asked some of the most random and unnecessary questions after games. Over the years Russell Westbrook started a trend of saying “Next Question” when moments like that happen. That trend continued with Devin Booker’s “next question” response to a reporter who asked a stupid question about Chris Paul after Suns Game 5 loss to Bucks in the NBA Finals.

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For some strange reason this reporter asked Devin Booker how bad he felt for Chris Paul. In his exact words he said “Devin Booker how frustrated are you for Chris Paul”. They both looked at each other with the confused looks before Devin Booker said “next question please” in an agitated voice.

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How do you even answer a question like that? If Devin Booker is frustrated for Chris Paul, does that mean CP3 isn’t frustrated himself? It’s almost like the reporter was telling Devin Booker that winning a championship is all about making Chris Paul happy, and not himself. What made this moment even funnier was the choppy music playing in the background while he was asking questions live on TV. That reporter was tripping.

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One can only imagine how annoying it must be for NBA players to have sit down and answer some of these question after a long grueling game.

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