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NBA Referee Tony Brothers’ TikTok Video Exposed After Chris Paul Called Him a ‘TikToker’ Before Ejection

It’s well known that Chris Paul and referees don’t mix. Probably no player in NBA history has had more beef with the refs than him, besides maybe Allen Iverson, but for very different reasons.

Once again in Golden State’s latest game against the Pacers, which they lost, CP3 found himself at the center of a controversy involving a referee. This time it wasn’t Scott Foster, it was Tony Brothers, and Chris Paul showed his age with the diss he used towards him.

Why Did Chris Paul Call Tony Brother’s a TikToker?

You know how older people think that most TikTokers are mindless dummies who just follow whatever trends are viral? When you watch the type of pointless things people do in TikTok videos that still somehow go viral, it’s tough to argue against that take. When people think of a TikToker, they think of teenagers who are trying their best to fit in, not a middle-aged referee.

Naturally, an older person would take offense to being called a TikToker, and Chris Paul seems to know this. With the frustration of another loss on his mind, as the game was a few seconds from being over, Chris Paul called Tony Brothers a “TikToker” which led to his immediate ejection. It didn’t really matter since there was like 6 seconds left in the game.

Video Evidence that NBA Referee Tony Brothers’ is Actually a TikToker

What’s funny about this is that Tony Brothers is actually a TikToker. In recent weeks, he has been featured in TikTok videos where he talks about his life and career. It’s not often you see an NBA referee on social media, especially after the Eric Lewis burner account debacle. Take a look.

In life, some people hate being called what they are when what they are is something they might not be proud of. In this case, Chris Paul called Tony Brothers a TikToker, and he got mad about it. However, all CP3 was doing was calling it like he sees it, because he was definitely on that TikTok wave.

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