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Does Draymond Green’s Reaction to Leaked Fight Video Insinuate He May Believe it Was Leaked to Tarnish his Image?

Yesterday TMZ shook up the NBA world with a leaked a video recorded by a Warriors employee showing the moment Draymond Green suckered punched Jordan Poole knocking him out. Before the footage came out Warriors organization tried their best to downplay the incident, and naturally now they are investigating how and why it leaked. Recently Draymond Green reacted to the leaked fight video, and he seems to be sure about why the footage was made public, and it could spell trouble for his future with the team.

Draymond Green’s Reaction to Leaked Fight Video of Him Knocking Out Jordan Poole Insinuates He May Believe That a Warriors Employee Leaked the Footage to Tarnish His Reputation ‘It’s Bulls***’

Today Draymond Green held a press conference to talk directly to the media about the leaked footage of him punching Jordan Poole. During his speech he said a lot things you would expect him to say, and also some things that raised eyebrows. Firstly he explained that he decided not to do a podcast episode about the incident, so it wouldn’t look like he was hiding from the media. Secondly he apologized to Jordan Poole’s family and the Warriors organization. The most interesting part came when he started to expound on how he felt about the video leaking from a private practice.

Draymond Green feels the video was leaked specifically to make him look bad. He explained how private practice videos are never supposed to be made public no matter the circumstances. He then added that in his opinion the video was leaked in way that would make sure the public would see him in a negative light. He claims that he doesn’t know which Warriors employee leaked the fight video, but he seems sure they had malicious intent to assassinate his character. He thanked Warriors for launching an internal investigation, and called the video leak “bulls**t”. Draymond Green watched the leaked video 15 times, and came to the realization what he did looked a lot worse than he thought.

Draymond Green Claims His Contract Situation Wasn’t the Reason He Punched Jordan Poole

Yesterday we wrote an article about the rumors around what Jordan Poole said before Draymond Green knocked him out. There were allegedly three words said, but that rumor is not confirmed in anyway. On ESPN there were some reporters suggesting that Draymond was frustrated that Warriors were valuing Jordan Poole over him, which led to them not offering him the max contract extension he wanted. Well Draymond is claiming his contract issue had nothing to do with the fight, but of course that’ what he’s supposed publicly. Take a listen.

Unfortunately for Draymond Green this seems like one of those situations where an apology isn’t going to really help mend the bridges he burned. He will forever be known as the guy who suckered punched his own teammate. In addition Jordan Poole will always be known as the guy who got knocked out by his own teammate. It’s clear one of them will have to go, and most likely it will be Draymond Green at some point.

How crazy would it be if Draymond ran Jordan Poole and Kevin Durant out of Golden State?

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