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How is Almond Milk Made? Rick Ross’ Almond Milk Conspiracy Theory Goes Viral

In this day and age milk is slowly being phased out of many people’s diets as science continues to tell us how unhealthy and even dangerous it can be to drink the substance secreted from other animals. Most stores today have healthier alternatives such as coconut milk, soy milk, and cashew milk, but one of the most popular is Almond Milk. This drink was discussed during conversation with DJ Khaled and Rick Ross, and what was said is going viral.

Rick Ross’ Almond Milk Conspiracy Theory Goes Viral

Rick Ross is afraid of drinking Almond Milk for very strange reasons. He feels there is a huge conspiracy theory behind how Almond Milk is made. He can’t figure out how they are getting milk from an Almond, so instead he sticks with 2% milk. DJ Khaled loves the milk substitute, and even he couldn’t explain exactly how it’s made. Before we delve into process it takes to create it, take a listen to Rick Ross’ almond milk conspiracy theory.

How is Almond Milk Made?

The process of making Almond Milk is actually very simple, in fact you could make some in your own home in a few minutes. At factories Almond milk is usually made by blending almonds and water together then straining it to remove all solids. An even easier way to make it is by buying Almond butter then blending it together with water. The end result is also almond milk.

Rick Ross has nothing to be afraid of, because drinking that 2% milk is much more scarier health wise in theory.

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