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Lil Boosie Accuses His Brother TQ of Forging his Signature with Bleu Watching To Attempt Stealing His Company

Lil Boosie has had rough day most notably because of his arrest that was captured on video, and his IG account getting banned again. With the stress of everything happening he’s been ranting a lot on social media to clear his mind. One of the most viral tweets concerns the artist Young Bleu and Lil Boosie’s brother TQ.

As you or may not know the beef between Lil Boosie and his brother TQ has been a top story in recent weeks. The gist of situation seems to be that TQ is trying to cut Lil Boosie out of dealings involving his artists and his own company, and of course Boosie is perplexed by that. Just recently TQ made a post on Instagram basically accusing Lil Boosie of not properly promoting his artists, which has hurt their careers.

Recently Lil Boosie did an interview with DJ Vlad where he explained that Young Bleu was managed by his brother TQ, and TQ was trying to cut him out the deal he signed Young Bleu to. This was in response to Young Bleu saying he technically isn’t signed to Lil Boosie. Well today the world learned new information about that situation when it was revealed Lil Boosie’s brother TQ forged his signature with Bleu watching in an attempt to steal his business, which apparently failed. He also insinuated that Young Bleu isn’t writing his own lyrics citing that TQ is a writer on 60% of his songs.

Here’s an old video where Young Bleu talked about the day Lil Boosie signed him.

Here is Lil Boosie talking more about his brother TQ trying to steal his company allegedly. Apparently he was offered $2 million to not take any legal action.

It’s tough to tell whose telling the truth in this situation from the outside looking in, but we all know that old saying that goes ‘no one wins the family feuds’.

Hopefully, Lil Boosie and his brother TQ can come to an agreement on whatever issues they have, and get Young Bleu’s contract situation in order as well.

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